Mar 12, 2010

The Meatloaf Bakery — Chicago, IL


This right here is The Meatloaf Bakery's LOAF-A-ROMA loafie, shown in actual bite-size (wee squirt stuck in da middle) and in monstrous proportions (mom & pop on either side of the wee squirt). Funkyass bakery, foreal... serving up savoury cupcakes and cakes as well. A timeless comfort food collides bang-on with the concept of desserts. Oh, how design is mighty capable of changing perceptions and effecting appetites! (That shwirly shwirl of angel hair pasta sure enticed the heck outta me.)

Into the 350F oven, the loafies go! 12 minutes l8r, I'm poppin' 4 different loafies into my mouf way too fast. The wee squirts didn't look too appetizing on display back at the bakery, but fresh out the oven, they're better than expected. LOAF-A-ROMA takes 1st place! A myriad of flavours & textures all in 1 bite: delicate strands of pasta.. sweet sun-dried tomatoes..! juicy Italian sausage!! crisp flaky pastry!!! The perfect hors d'oeuvre.

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