Mar 6, 2010

Cafe Iberico — Chicago, IL


TAPAS TIME!!! In Spanish cuisine, tapas = a wide variety of appetizers/snacks, served cold/warm, ideally meant to be shared. It's a Friday night and my coolcatcousins and I are at Cafe Iberico. Though the place is cramped, the vibe is LIVE. Good to go with a pitcher of sangria!!! CHEERS 2 CHI-CITY!!! One soldier of a server is hustlin round the dining room with 10 plates of hot food in his arms, one plate (s)expertly stacked on top of the other!!! Swiftly, he drops off our first tapas dish on the table, PATATAS BRAVAS, before bustlin off to deliver the other 9. And the tapas keep on comin!...

MEJILLONES A LA MARINERA, QUESO DE CABRA... but my absolute FAVE is the PULPO A LA PLANCHA (Grilled Octopus w/ Potatoes & Olive Oil). Chopped up in bite-size pieces, the PULPO is juicy and madd tender on the in, yet grilled to charred perfection on the out. Downright dirttyyy!!! For dessert, we polish off a plate of FLAN DE CHOCOLATE with fresh strawberry sauce. Good people = good convos + good food = life = grand.

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