Mar 9, 2010

SHELLEY vs SAVEUR: Hot Doug's Foie Gras Hot Dog

Q: Which photo was taken by moi, the lowly amateur, and which photo was taken by Saveur?

A: The photo on the left was taken by Saveur, and therefore food-styled to the utmost. The photo on the right has endured zero food-styling, was taken by moi and straight up keeps it real. 'Cuz in reality, the sausage was NOT longer than the bun, the foie gras mousse was NOT chopped up all carefully and evenly, and the truffle aioli was definitely NOT daintily squirted atop the hot dog. Eff perfection in food photography.

Ahh, the rants & raves about Chi-City's Hot Doug's. As an out-of-towner, figured I might as well GO BIG cuz I mos def didn't wanna GO HOME. And this is how, $9 poorer, I came to try Hot Doug's infamous Foie Gras & Sauternes Duck Sausage w/ Truffle Aioli, Foie Gras Mousse and Fleur de Sel. Wasn't blown away. Kept havin to pick the skin of the sausage out of my mouth. And the foie gras mousse? 'Twas velvety & feta cheese-y in texture... yet a tad funky, taste-wise. Woulda been content with the dog SANS the mousse. Better yet, woulda been content had I ordered the Pete Shelley Veggie Dawg, which was only $2.75. Wompers!


  1. OMG! you had foie gras and duck?!

  2. Sure as heck did! Damn proud of myself, too! You meat-eaters have been a positive influence in my life, thanks. Still love vegetarian culture and cuisine though, don't think that will ever change.