Mar 25, 2010

red velvet cake

Ingredients: whole wheat cake & pastry flour, plain cream cheese, salted butter, buttermilk, icing sugar, brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil, eggs, unsweetened baker's chocolate, dried unsweetened coconut shreds, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, red food colouring, baking soda.

Mon amis Agata made these bombass chocolate coconut cupcakes last week! Thus, I was promptly inspired to bake something coconutty as well! Here's my rendition of Saveur's Red Velvet Cake. My one major qualm with most Red Velvet Cake recipes is that they only have a couple tablespoons of cocoa in them. I, on the other hand, actually like to taste more than a hint of chocolate in my cake... so I added melted unsweetened chocolate to the batter. Whoa. Madd chocolate-y. I also took the liberty of adding toasted coconut shreds to the batter in addition to using it as a garnish. The result? Simply sick texture with every moist bite. Thanks, Ags! Next challenge: Blue Velvet Cake!

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