Mar 26, 2010

Frank at the AGO — Toronto, ON

I cannot wait to visit FRANK Restaurant sometime very soon! If not for their food, which is supposed to be stellar, but to experience dining in a space that "plays with light and materials to create a contemporary, inviting setting." Drools. Located in the newly renovated Frank Gehry-designed Art Gallery of Ontario, the restaurant is named aptly; Frank designed it as well. Interior design goes hand-in-hand with graphic design; the logo for FRANK is simple yet effective, and the restaurant's foodtography is well-composed with a keen eye for colour. Seriously now, this foodtography is downright sexy. Art? Food? Talk? Word.


  1. I've always enjoyed brunch there! and yes, the restaurant itself is gorgeous!

  2. Note to self: Forget dinner, have brunch at FRANK asap.