Apr 8, 2010

Sukhothai Restaurant Toronto

Sukhothai has been hailed by Chowhoundians and BlogTOists to be servin' up the "most authentic Thai food in Toronto." Pictured here is their signature dish, the Sukhothai Pad Thai, a "Sukh'ed up" version of the original Pad Thai. Tender yet al dente, these rice noodles are unlike the rubbery, tangled excuse for noodles served at every other Thai joint in T.O. Rest assured, this dish's mesmerizing medley of fiery flavours and soothing citrusy-ness will calm you to the bone. Don't prefer heat? Ask for it mild. One of the best experiences about this dish is when your mouth finds the crunchy jewels hidden within. The jewels? Finely chopped chunks of peanuts, of course. +++ more of my Sukhothai menu item reviews +++


  1. Wow that looks soooo good! Why am I only getting into Thai food now? It's awesome. I might have to make a special trip out to Sukho Thai and get that Pad Thai extra spicy haha

  2. Better late than never. Yo, let's go! Sukho Thai next week? I'm down whenever.