Apr 15, 2010

The Stop Community Food Centre — Do the Math!

photo | March 23, 2010 | The Stop's Do the Math Community Dinner | my veggie plate

The Stop's Do the Math campaign has come and gone, but its effect will no doubt reverberate well into Toronto's future. As a volunteer at The Stop, I had the opportunity to attend the Do the Math Community Dinner last month. On March 23, a wholesome, colourful meal was served to the Torontonians who had agreed to participate in the campaign. Not long after this dinner, the participants were challenged to eat only from the contents of a food hamper for as long as they could, though a hamper typically lasts a person only 3-4 days. This phase of the campaign was entitled Eat the Math.

A number of Eat the Math participants have written about their experiences of living on a food hamper. Corey Mintz shares his experience of living on a food hamper in the Toronto Star. Lauren Wilson questions how we can "better feed Toronto families in need" on BlogTO. To understand how those on social assistance receive an inadequate amount of provincial funding to live healthily and with dignity, you, too, can Do the Math. Ultimately, doing this survey and following this campaign has made me realize how thankful I am, what with never having to worry about getting enough food, let alone enough nutritious food, into my diet. I'm considering conducting my own Eat the Math experiment, if nothing but to gain personal perspective. The Stop advocates good food for all; Do the Math strives to make this a reality.

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