Apr 16, 2010

Bymark Toronto — The $26.95 Lobster Poutine

Behold the mighty Crisp Frites with Butter Braised Lobster and Classic Béarnaise from Toronto's very own Bymark! Strip this poutine of its fancy shmancy toppings and you've got nothing but a pile of fries plated in a lobster shell that couldn't stand a chance against even Swiss Chalet's fries. $26.95 for 6-7 bite-sized chunks of cooked lobster and over-fried fries doused in much too much of a rich, buttery sauce? No, thanks — not for me. This dish is over-priced, over-rated, dated and in dire need of a facelift. Would anyone else like to see a fresh spin on the traditional poutine done in Toronto?

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