Apr 21, 2010

Wendy Ding's Donut Girl

Wendy Ding's illustrations are utterly lip-smacking. Just look at this blonde-haired beauty. In an instant, I'm back to being 4-year-old Shelley, whose favourite donut of all time was Hawaiian. Like every other kid, I was just enticed by the donut's colourful sprinkles. Oh, it was such fun biting into that lightly-glazed, airy donut! Each bite into that frosted layer of crunchy sprinkles tickled my teeth with joy. Check out Ms. Ding's foxy Donut Girl in full, "complete with friendly donut neighbours," at http://wendyding.com/blog.


  1. this reminds me of your SK (or grade 1?) birthday cake, w/the barbie.. i should have photograph still somewhere...

  2. Oh yes! I loved that photograph... you and Allison were in it! Bahahaha. And that cake was sick. Plastic Barbie placed dead smack in the middle of a buttercream cake.