Apr 22, 2010

The Publican (CHI) vs. Hoof Cafe (TO)

[can you tell which brunch dishes are from The Publican and which are from Hoof Cafe?]

It's brunchtime!!! The Publican Restaurant is well known for its brunch in Chicago, much like the Hoof Cafe here in Toronto. I've eaten brunch at both restaurants recently, and can't help but notice similarities between the two. At both The Publican and the Hoof Cafe, expect: to wait thirty minutes+ for a table, to see hella hipsters all around you, to choose from a menu of inventive, meaty dishes and to experience a home-y unpretentiousness while you dine.

First off, I just gotta tell you about The Publican's Red Wine Poached Eggs. Truly, this dish started a party in my mouth. Like yolky yellow Cabernet Merlot in a glass, these eggs were uncomparable to any style of eggs I've ever tasted! Hoof Cafe also serves up poached eggs, piled atop pulled pork and a house-made biscuit in its Suckling Pig Eggs Benny dish. But I shouldn't have ordered it because I don't even like pork or hollandaise very much. Womp.

Another must-eat at The Publican: Fresh Ricotta & Honey. Served slightly warmer than room temperature with stewed fruits (i.e. cherries) and dried nuts (i.e. pistachios) ...spread on a piece of toast, each spoonful of Fresh Ricotta is a soft cloud on a sweet/crunchy/nutty day! I apologize, but I'm not even gonna lie... I'm kinda hating on Hoof Cafe right now. They got rid of their Buckwheat Rabbit Pancakes before I got to try 'em man!!!! WTFF!!!!!!!!


  1. I loved Publican for dinner will have to give the brunch a shot next time I'm in the Chi.

  2. Big up Chi City! Feel free to recommend your fave dinner dishes from The Publican. I'm sure I'll find myself there sometime soon.