May 4, 2010



Which photograph do you prefer? The photo of carefully stacked, unbitten macarons, or the photo of imbalanced, bitten macarons? I'm quite curious to know. Personally, I'm sick of seeing foodtography that strives for perfection. Daintiness, prettiness... these words aren't in my vocab. Thus, I took the photo of bitten macarons {sweet, senusual bites, might I add} in an attempt to achieve imperfection in foodtography. But what defines imperfection in foodtography anyway? Any thoughts on this pertinent foodie issue?

Bobbette & Belle Macarons — White Chocolate | Caramel | Pistachio | Passionfruit


  1. Shell,I like the not bitten macaroons if you ask me cause they look like puto with fillings( colored puto)Auntie San

  2. hi bellz, i enjoyed them both. the first because it looked like they were so carefully stacked that i could see them wobble if i stared hard enough.

    & i loved the second because you can appreciate the crisp yet delicate texture of the macaroons. The fillings are just oozing a descriptive story that you must share with me when you get back.

  3. I love the bitten ones! It's a unique perfection and is a bit more appealing to me.

  4. Auntie San - I agree with the fact that the unbitten macarons look like puto! I've never tried puto with coloured fillings though, only the traditional fluffy white ones.

    Anh - Love your careful analysis of my photos. I couldn't agree more when you say that the bitten macarons show off a sort of crisp, delicate texture. I guess it depends on what look the food stylist was going for.

    Tonya - I'm a bit bias but I do prefer the bitten macarons. Hahaha. It's more appealing to me too, simply because so many food photos out there show uneaten/unbitten food! And how realistic is that?!