May 10, 2010


+++Gone to India until further notice+++


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2010

    hey kidooo...i want to know if you have tasted
    some of the yummies while touring the country...
    If i say Calcutta what is the main food. something hot and spicy of course.

    uncle AGP says you should be working on this site
    vigorously. plsss show me the food, :)

  2. Of course I've tasted the yummies while touring India! I am currently in Darjeeling, and eventually I'll divulge all the town's foodie insights. Would love to show you pictures, but I don't have my Mac on me, which is absolutely essential.

    I will say that everyone in Kolkata loves this street food called HOT KATI ROLLS. Hot and spicy? They can be. But you'll have to just wait and see...