May 29, 2010

FIFTEEN London — Pukkola Muesli


After a 9 hour flight into Heathrow Airport from Mumbai, India, what's a jet-laggy chick to do with an 8 hour layover in London??! Why, muster up the energy to enjoy breakfast at FIFTEEN, of course! Feast yo' eyes on Jamie Oliver's "signature recipe," the Pukkola Muesli.


Tender rolled oats swim in a milky bath of juicy, tart Sultana and yellow raisins. Sweet strawberry halves and sour chunks of peach contrast well with the textured, earthy flavours of the oats. Whole unblanched almonds, pecans and hazelnuts add a soft crunch to each mellow bite. And though the fat shavings of cantaloupe and the blood orange wheels garnish the dish oh so prettily, my absolute favourite ingredient cannot be seen in the photo. Little did you know that sneaky, stubby slivers of green apple bathed luxuriously in the milky muesli, adding an unexpected sweet and sour element to the entire dish. Divine, in't it?

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