Jun 23, 2010

XOCOCAVA Toronto — Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Xococava — Honey Yogurt Ice Cream | Madagascar Dark Chocolate Sorbet

On any given day, I'll choose gelato over ice cream. But Xococava's Madagascar Dark Chocolate Sorbet has me reconsidering my whole stance on the matter. Let a teaspoon of the sorbet melt on your tongue and feel the cool, bitter dark chocolate trickle down your throat. Not a drop of milk is added to the sorbet; the taste and texture is anything but creamy. Who woulda thunk a sorbet could taste like an 85% dark chocolate bar in frosted form? Sweettooths beware! [Much love to Marianne for introducing me to the flavour]

Xococava offers house-made ice cream, sorbets, truffles, a few pastries and other interesting candy-like, chocolate-y concoctions. Though the sweet shop's truffles cannot compare to the quality of truffles at Soma, Xococava's interesting ice cream and sorbet flavours are worth a try. Take note: flavours rotate with the seasons. A couple days ago, I sampled two other interesting flavours: Black Forest Ice Cream and Blueberry Maple Ice Cream.


  1. I love the first picture of the sorbet it looks like a Rorschach test. I see two bats going head to head (or something to riskay to mention). Who will dive and be engulfed into chocolate madness. I hope its me.

  2. Paulina I love you for booking that!!! BAHAHAHA!!! I placed the same two photographs together in an attempt to create a Rorschach-test-looking image. Glad someone saw it too. PS. You already ARE engulfed in chocolate madness, whether you know it or not.