Jun 27, 2010

[shnacks] pandesal + portobello + provolone


This was but one of the many snacks I had today. Sick of eating my pandesal (a sweet, airy bread eaten by many Filipinos) with butter or cream cheese all the darn time, suddenly, I was inspired. Here's what happened:

—One pandesal was toasted in the mini-oven until browned and crispy.
—Thick slices of portobello mushrooms were sautéed in a wad of butter.
—The pandesal was taken out of the toaster and sliced open.
—A slice of Santa Lucia sweet provolone was placed inside the pandesal.
—Portobello slices were slipped inside the sandwich and the concoction was pressed down.
—All 3 ingredients squished together and the cheese softened, melting all oo-ily and goo-ily.
—Gobbling gobbled gone.

Three seconds after biting into this sandwich-y conction, I started to enjoy it. Something about the juicy, aldente portobello mushrooms sandwiched between warm, sweet pandesal and sweet provolone made me happy about life. Please note: any kind of bread would suffice for this snack idea, but if you haven't tried pandesal, now's the time folks! The airiest and most authentic-tasting pandesal in the GTA can be found at Baker's Best Bakery.


  1. Auntie SanJune 28, 2010

    u gave me a new idea on my w w pandesal...
    got to go and get some porta mush bye.

  2. Auntie San, I'm glad I gave you an idea for "palaman" in your whole wheat pandesal. The bread's so sweet to begin with, it almost begs to be filled with savoury ingredients. Happy eating!