Jul 1, 2010

Gryfe's Bagels — 1 Sexy Whole Wheat Bagel


Ain't she a looker? Not only is she whole wheat, she's also perfectly shaped into a beautifully round bum-bum! Feel free to stuff her silly with PB+J, CRM.CHZ+J, or plain ol' butta.


  1. Auntie SanJuly 02, 2010

    Hey Shell it sure is sexy looking bun. I have not seen these sexy things lately. I used to buy them from Brunos Fine foods on Bayview Av,closed now. love these with spinach chz lightly
    toasted. then i n d u l g e......

  2. Auntie San,

    Hahaha. I have yet to see a Gryfe's bagel shaped like a bum! Aside from their bakery locations, Gryfe's bagels can be bought at so many different retailers. I've seen them at Fiesta Farms and Highland Farms. Have you seen them anywhere else aside from Brunos Fine Foods?