Jul 3, 2010

Globe Earth Restaurant Toronto

Crispy Ewenity Curds

Ewenity (pronounced "unity") is a co-operative of Ontario farmers who milk their sheep. The milk is then crafted into yogurt, ice cream and cheeses. Similar in texture to the curds we're used to having on our poutines, the ewenity curds in this $5 app at Globe Earth were squeak-tacular. Though the cheese is fresh-tasting, it is rather salty. Nevertheless, these deep-fried, lightly battered balls were fun to pop back. And they must be dipped into the ketchup-y sauce that they're served with! Spiked with a slight tanginess, the dipping sauce tasted exactly like a cross between Heinz and A-1.

Dorset Lamb Rack

At Globe Earth, one may order meat dishes "from the local butcher" by the ounce. For certain meats, 8 oz. is the minimum order. On the particular night I visited the resto, I had a hankering for lamb. And 2 oz. is the minimum order for lamb. So I ordered a wee portion of the lamb rack, and I was excited as $%#& 'cause this was the first time I had eaten lamb after refraining from eating meat for 3 years! Awkward and out of practice, I cut into the mid-rare lamb rack with a steak knife very slowly. Juices proceeded to squirt out of the tender meat, creating pools of redd-ish liquids on my plate. Yay for yellow carrots!


  1. AnonymousJuly 05, 2010

    I know someone in the family circle would love to eat this. Local lamb....hmmmm he is not a taker but imported ones Yes maam...also it goes with a mint sause or mint jelly..medium to well
    done of course. what is the green sauce beside the rack kiddo...just wandering

  2. I sometimes wonder to myself whether these strangely colored veggies i.e. yellow carrots are just mutations of the real orange thang. Turns out that orange carrots appeared after the yellow, purple and red variety. White asparagus still gives me the creeps though.

  3. Hey Anonymous! I prefer my lamb mid-rare without mint, please and thank you. Paulina, I'm such a sucker for anything colourful. LOVE PURPLE CARROTS. Even though they taste exactly the same as orange carrots. But OH GAWD, white asparagus is uber creepy, 'tis true!!! Plus, they make your pee smell :)