Jun 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Yoan!

We celebrated Yoan's birthday last weekend and it was the shiznit! I baked her a Red Velvet cake that didn't turn out as red as the last Red Velvet I made; boo. On the contrary, I was happy with the cake's chocolate cream cheese icing (see remnants of chocolate cream cheese icing on candles in photo above). When Yoan called my cake "Cookie Dough Cake" because it was so moist (and perhaps 5 minutes undercooked), lightbulbs began switching on and off above my head. Cookie Dough Cake: an ingenius idea! Anyone interested in a bake-off?


    2. I just saw this in Recipe Showdown this week. Baked brownies topped with a layer of peanut butter cookie dough, topped with a layer of chocolate ganache. She lost, but it looked tasty!

  2. 1. YOU'RE ON!!! LET'S DO IT!
    2. omgomgomgomg. Sounds like somethin' that should have been on the now defunct thisiswhyyourefat.com. We should definitely get Anh in on this... shieeettttt.

  3. Love dough inserted into desserts
    My fav. treat back in the day was a cocunut ice cream with chunks of pie dough in it
    Me and my childhood best friend would rent movies, buy cookie dough and eat it raw (I know I am not the only one with this memory). I guess the root of nostalgia consists of tummy aches and sugar comas.

  4. Ummm... what brand was this Coconut Ice Cream with Pie Dough Chunks??? Or did you add pie dough chunks to a certain brand of Coconut Ice Cream?

    I must say, I never ate raw cookie dough very often as a child. However, my mom and I always used to bake this Sour Cream Coffee Cake... even 'til today, I'll eat spoonfuls of the raw cake batter. Dare I say it's better than raw cookie dough??!?

  5. This ice cream had pie doughs already in it. I cannot remember the brand name. I only know that it was a No Frills type of ice cream - probably lost now alongside the commercial types.

    Oh I bet that the raw Sour Cream Cake dough is better than the cookie one. I have learned that with age.