Jul 25, 2010

FRUGAL FOOD JERK in NYC — A YouTube Slideshow

To see thumbnails of all 12 food-y vids, press Playlist in the bottom left-hand corner. Enjoy enjoy!


  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2010

    Awesome post! I found your cafe habana vid on youtube. Is it worth it to go? It's kinda out of the way from other places that I'm checking out. I'm debating between the halal cart or cafe habana...lol.

    Thanks in advance, :)


  2. Gabrielle,

    Cafe Habana is a MUST if you plan on visiting NYC. Out of the way? Hmmm... we'll it's on the edge of SoHo, borderline NoHo/Nolita. I'd say the Halal Cart isn't necessarily a must. If you're hungry and you happen to be in the area around 53rd & 6th, then definitely check out the Halal Cart.

    Thanks for the comment. Gabbadoodledooooooo...!