Jul 27, 2010

Canoe ― Summerlicious 2010 [lunch]

Forks poised, we were looking forward to whatever colourful, inventive dishes Canoe whipped up for us. But even the view of our city's skyline was more interesting than Canoe's food. WOMP!

[1st course] Iced Watermelon & Heirloom Tomato Soup with Organic Yogurt & Purple Basil

[2nd course] Fish Cakes with Apple Fennel Coleslaw & Red Pepper Sauce

Wanna know what the soup tasted like? 84% freshly squeezed tomato juice, 10% watermelon juice, and 6% oil. Extra virgin? I sure as heck hope so. And the fish cakes? Ehhh... a little on the salty side. Sandwiched between sweet apple coleslaw and sweet purple cabbage, the fish cakes weren't served as crispy as I'd hoped. At least they weren't as oily as I'd expected them to be. Pan-fryage! And though the red pepper sauce adds a burst of colour to the plate, the dish simply did not need any more sweetness added to it. Nope, not one bit. As Cousin Lisa put it, "could they not have created dishes for sophisticated palettes?!"

[3rd course] Nanaimo Bar with Minted White Chocolate Anglaise
[3rd course] Rhubarb & Ontario Berry Tart with Lavender Meringue

After we'd finished eating our entrees, Lisa and I decided to get our desserts to-go and head straight for Sam James (her fave coffee joint). Think we were willing to settle for the coffee served at Canoe? Think again. Our reactions to Canoe's Summerlish desserts can be deconstructed in the video above.


  1. Firstly, I love the photo.
    Secondly, are you for REALLL? I wanted to go to canoe so badly but of course they were booked up for sumerlicious. I want to hear more about this food.

  2. Ms. Stepien. I heard that quite a few reservation time slots opened up for Canoe (mostly lunches) toward the end of Summerlicious... Did you try calling 'em? Don't even tripp, the food wasn't fantabulous. Ugh, and I feel like the diners I always see in that restaurant are so damn pretentious. Just eating at Canoe because it's "Canoe," y'know? I say eff it, where's the CHEAP EATS at?

  3. I entirely agree with you. Canoe has been
    deleted from my data file. Goodbye Canoe......
    I do not want to see you again. never.