Aug 13, 2010

BEST CUPCAKES IN TORONTO? — For the Love of Cake

Thank you, Groupon! Six cupcakes from For the Love of Cake cost me $7, where it would have otherwise cost a whopping $15.90! To celebrate, the cousins and I made it a cupcake date. I didn't dig For the Love of Cake's Maple Bacon Mancake a couple months back, but I luuuuurved their (Ferrero Rocher-y) Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake this time around! In order of taste-testing...

Mochaccino >> huh? where's the coffee flavour at?
Black & White >> icing = floptacular
Strawberry Banana Split >> a floofy disaster of sorts
Chocolate Guinness >> moist, yes
Red Velvet >> not really red but dannng! feelin' it
Chocolate Hazelnut >> rich, decadent, sinful

As per always, I'm on a mission to consume the so-called "BEST" cupcake in Toronto. Suggestions for must-try cupcakeries would be much appreciated. Stanks in advance!


  1. BabyCakes cupcakes are worth trying. ( I love their red velvet and coconut. Icing is the perfect texture - not slippery like butter. EPIC! Still waiting to try Sweet Bliss on Queen. I'll keep you posted for a tasting. Peace!

  2. Lisa aka Miss Original Queen of Cupcakes, thanks for the recommendation. Is Babycakes' Red Velvet Cupcake better than For the Love of Cake's Red Velvet Cupcake? Yes, please do keep me posted! Or holler at me whenever you plan to reach Sweet Bliss.