Aug 13, 2010

Mast Brothers Chocolate — Dark Chocolate + almonds, sea salt, olive oil


"Hello, Brooklyn! How ya doin?" Yep, Mast Brother's Chocolates come straight outta Brooklyn. The pretty packaging design of these chocolate bars caught my eye when I first spotted them (somewhere in Williamsburg, BK, back in Oct 09). Simple, rustic patterns. Solid, honest colours. Ugh, I just go GAGA over well-designed food packaging. Hate to admit it, but image is everything, folks.

So far, I've tried 3 different Mast Brother's Chocolate bars... but the one above stands out like a sore thumb. The inclusion of almonds, sea salt and olive oil in this bar sounds semi-daunting... and I was skeptical of it from the get-go. But the olive oil gives the bar a smooth, buttery finish, the almonds add crunchiness, and the sea saltiness balances well with the sweetness of the dark chocolate. If ever in Brooklyn, or the greater New York area for that matter, definitely cop yourself one of these! Otherwise, spend a lil bit more by purchasing them online and having them shipped to you.

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