Aug 8, 2010

Shelley Pascual — OCAD Thesis 2009


Relish is a concept. I designed this logo to brand the concept of Relish. One day, Relish will exist.

[full book layout; mock-up]

After one semester at OCAD of nothing but research, throughout my second Thesis semester, I came to the conclusion that one's multicultural experience of visiting Relish could be best communicated in the form of a hand-made book.

[front flaps of book; mock-up]

At Relish, one can learn to cook foods from any country in the world. Each country in Relish is represented by a little kitchen, as well as an expert cook waiting to teach eager students the cultural dishes of their respective countries. Essentially, Relish is a large, open-air place where people can come together to experience food. Whether its strolling the aisles watching other cooks in action, hangin' out at one of the lounges, purchasing a hot meal to-go, or learning how to cook an authentic cultural dish, Relish is THE cooking school of the future.  

[back flaps of book; mockup]

On the back of the flaps, there's all kinds of fun tidbits of helpful food-y info.

[final book]  

On either side of the pop-up flaps in the center of the book, I've written (and laid-out typographically) a fictional story of one person's multi-sensory experience of entering Relish for the very first time. This person sees, smells, hears, tastes and touches everything that is Relish.

[logo printed on book's spine]

Printed onto the spine of my home-made book is the Relish logo. If there really existed a place even remotely similar to Relish today, would you believe it? 'Cause I sure as heck wouldn't! How awesome would it be to learn how to cook dishes from any cuisine anywhere in the world, and to do this all in one place?! That's what I'm talkin' 'bout... CONCEPTS!


  1. Tell me more, tell me more.... don t keep me the color brown on white.

  2. Yes, SKP, chocolate brown on beige is HOT! I'll explain what/who Relish is in a minute...

  3. Hey Miss Shelley. you just did it. Bulls Eye.

    let me give you a firm handshake. I am in.

    This is a wonderful ID :)))) keep it coming.....

    standby folks.....