Aug 7, 2010

Woodbridge Ribfest 2010 — August 6, 2010

By the time I reached Woodbridge Ribfest last night, it was almost 11pm; the event was winding down. Nevertheless, I tried 1/3 rack of pork ribs from Blazin' BBQ, not knowing which ribber to sample out of the 5 to choose from [see video below]. The ribs were semi-falloffthebone-y. But I've had better ribs at Memphis BBQ. My fave things about this event? The hill billy-ish vibe &&& the INYO'FACE, brash aesthetic of the ribbers' signage. Slabby typefaces are sexxxxxxxxy.


  1. I've never hit up any of the local ribfests... maybe next year. Have you tried the ribs from Buster Rhinos out in Whitby? So good!

  2. Haven't tried Buster Rhinos yet, but hear so much about them! Thanks for the recommendation... TOO RIBBED OUT!