Sep 15, 2010

CNE 2010 Cheese Tasting — Dairy Farmers of Canada

First off, my face isn't really that oily/spotty in real life, k? Can't argue with Sis though, I do pull a Pac Man Cheeseface. Anyhoodles, Sis and I attended a free cheese tasting at the CNE this year, and I thought it was quite informative. The tasting was led by a teacher from the Cheese Education Guild. Here are the 6 Canadian cheeses we sampled + my notes on them:

Things I Learned About Cheese:

  • take 15-20 sec to taste cheese when you eat it; multiple taste sensations will ensue
  • let cheese melt on your tongue and try not to chew it
  • buy cheese that requires refrigeration [whoever else hated Babybels, welcome to the club]
  • the softer the cheese, the more moisture it has and the less room it has for fat
  • contrary to popular misconception, brie has less fat than old cheddar cheese
  • Canadian Cheddar is considered the "best" in the world
  • to avoid contamination when arranging a cheese platter, serve blue cheese on one
    platter and all your other cheeses on another platter

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