Sep 15, 2010

[FOOD] Montréal 2010

Any food-y trip to Montréal obliges you to accomplish the following: eat Montréal smoked meat at Schwartz's, buy a dozen Montréal-style bagels at St. Viateur, get drunk off local beers on some patio and wash it down with poutine, dine at Au Pied de Cochon and finally, shop for produce at the city's largest outdoor market, Jean-Talon Marché. I just wish I'd gotten the inside scoop of lesser-known food joints to check out while in MTL... you know, that underrated_shh I'm always in search of? Bah well. My fave foodie find had to be the truffles at Les Chocolats de Chloé. I try 'em for the first time here.

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