Sep 8, 2010

CNE Deep Fried Butter + Deep Fried Marsbar

CNE Deep Fried Marsbar
[left] Deep Fried Marsbar [right] Deep Fried Butterballs
CNE Deep Fried Butter

CNE 2010 [aka The Ex]
Sweet Treats food stand
September 6, 2010
6:15pm — 7:45pm
1.5 hour wait


WTF? — Each butterball begins as a toothpicked tablespoon of cold butter that is dipped in heavy batter, then deep fried in hot, sizzling oil. After being taken out of the fryer, each of the 4 butterballs are drizzled with a different Smucker's Sundae Syrup: Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel and (possibly) No Sugar Added Caramel. As a final garnish, the butterballs are dusted with icing sugar.

TASTE? — My sis and I expected liquid butter to ooze out of the fried butterball... but instead, when placed in the hot fryer, the butter just bursts inside the batter that surrounds it. I felt like I was biting into a hollow dumpling! The sweet sauces drizzled on top of these butterballs are their only saving grace. The taste of melted, salty butter in the same bite with sweet sauces does please the palate. But $5 for four fried balls of dough?! Aw hellz no. Never again.

VERDICT — Overrated! If they have these at the CNE again next year, don't waste your time/money.

RATING — 5/5 stupid stars


WTF? — 1 whole Marsbar is dipped in heavy (cornmeal?) batter, then deep fried. The finished product looks almost exactly like a corn dog.

TASTE? — One bite of this Deep Fried Marsbar, and I felt as heavy as a brick. The Marsbar is likely dipped into a different batter than the Butterballs, as it had a crunchier texture when fried. Melted chocolate does indeed ooze out upon first bite, and for this reason, in terms of taste, I'd choose the Deep Fried Marsbar over the Butterballs. But oh gawd, if the Marsbar were replaced with a solid dark chocolate bar and then deep fried, I think I'd be in calorific heaven.

VERDICT — If you like chocolate and fried stuff and don't care for calories, go 'head and try it.

RATING — 3/5 stupid stars


  1. "if everyone else is doing it then we want it too." - hurray for falling into peer presure.

  2. I know, I know. I couldn't stop complaining how long of a wait it was. However, it wasn't that I was dying to try the damn deep fried stuff. And it actually wasn't even a case of falling into peer pressure. It was more about trying it for the sake of trying it, in order to inform people whether or not it's even worth waiting in line to try. Having said that, next year at the CNE, DON'T be a fool like me and DON'T waste your time/money on this deep fried foolishness.

  3. Hey Shelley,
    I finally tried these butter balls this year! I only had a 5min line up and the balls of butter were still liquid inside - so fresh!

    I have to say, when these are done right, they are legendary!

    Here is my video review: