Sep 6, 2010

Fiona Hewitt — Wu & Wu |


My sis copped this bag from a store in NYC's Chinatown for somethin' like $12 USD. She quickly became obsessed with its kitschy aesthetic; so, too, did I. After weeks of pestering, she finally found time to scan images of the bag for me (shakes fist). The illustrator's name is Fiona Hewitt, and I ♥♥♥ her illustrative style! It's quirky, fun, bizarre-o and indeed "oddly delicious." Haha how sick is it to call your website Dumpling Dynasty??! And check out this Baking Kit yo, isn't it toooooo hard to resist? Oh, and before I forget, watch this >>> ROCKIN' THE BAG OF JOY... SICK BOSS! Bwahahahahaha!

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