Sep 22, 2010

Golden Griddle Pancakes — Buttermilk + Buckwheat + 10 Grain

[top] 10 Grain [middle] Buttermilk [bottom] Buckwheat

  • A sweet, spongy pancake. A classic. Moist and airy, this pancake simply cannot disappoint. Enjoy stacks and stacks of 'em on Sundays, when Golden Griddle has an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. Tip: the waffle station has thick & oozy berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) sauces that you might like to ladle on top of these pancakes. 

  • A dense, thick pancake that isn't so much moist, but rather, crumbly and quite dry. The buckwheat flour gives the pancake a slightly sour/slightly bitter taste and as such, these pancakes are best enjoyed with butter + maple syrup. For acquired/non-fussy palates only.

10 Grain
  • A thin, plain pancake that is neither dry nor moist and could very well be considered bland. The inclusion of grains in the pancake give it a bit of bite and wholesomeness. Looks to me like whole wheat flour may be used in the batter, hurrah.

I ♥ Golden Griddle. Their buckwheat pancakes used to be my fave, but I've recently grown fond of all three of them. Stuff yo' face with them flapjacks at $3.99 Pancake Tuesdays! (select locations only)


  1. Pancake Tuesday.Hmmmm whereabouts would that be? are u sure this is not only for Seniors. lol...
    i can pretend to be one... lol.
    Very good review SMP. very precise and these pics are so vivid and alive.(well) .. on Tuesday i will go and have some of these flapjacks... will u join me ..plzzzz

  2. I think almost every Golden Griddle location does $3.99 Pancake Tuesdays. Just call the location you plan to visit, and see if they do it for sure. It's not only for Seniors, lolololol. Thanks, SKP! I ♥ pancakes, and I hope this review sheds some light on Golden Griddle's pancakes. Woopee...!