Sep 23, 2010

Video: Anthony Bourdain Live at Massey Hall — Sept 22, 2010

"Food makes me angry... once you learn how to sauce a pasta correctly... when you've been to Italy, Olive Garden is a very angering thing." —Anthony Bourdain

This video is just a snippet of Anthony Bourdain's comical 1.5 hour talk to an enthusiastic audience (a helluva lotta groupies, it seemed) at Massey Hall, in Toronto, on September 22, 2010. What'd he talk about for 1.5 hours straight? FoodTV shows he loves... FoodTV personalities he hates... Rachel Ray... but I enjoyed it most when he talked about food + travel. Take heed, fellow gastrotourists. Here are some travel tips from Mr. Bourdain himself:

  • Make the most of it. Truly enjoy. Consider yourself lucky to even be traveling in the first place. Arrive with an open mind. Be flexible.
  • Be polite. Be a good guest. Respect the traditions and customs of the country you're visiting and people won't think you're an asshole.
  • Don't eat anywhere people in your country are eating. If a tour bus full of Canadians is parked outside that one restaurant in downtown Tokyo, run. Run like the wind.
  • Drink. Drink a lot. Mr. Bourdain explains that while taping his show, the entire crew drrrrrinks. He feels this helps the hosts appear more natural on camera. And everybody's just looser/happier.
  • "Let shit fucking happen!" You can't plan to have the perfect vacation, you just gotta let it happen. After all, isn't the perfect vacation about misadventure?


  1. i had to work that night, it broke my heart that i could not see him in person. <3<3<3 this man!

  2. Ahahaha. Have you read any of his books? If so, what's your fave? I'm halfway through A Cook's Tour right now, but can't seem to stay interested. The book doesn't flow very well. Each chapter is devoted to a different country that he's traveling in, and while the subject matter is cool (food + travel), No Reservations (the television show) is wayyy better.