Oct 11, 2010

Fahmee Bakery & Jamaican Foods ― $1.35 SPICY BEEF PATTY


As the search for the best beef patty in Tdot continues, I found myself at Fahmee Bakery & Jamaican Foods in Scarbz sometime last week. The lady working at the counter that day informed me that Fahmee does indeed make their own patties, of which there are 4 kinds: Beef (Mild), Beef (Spicy), Chicken & Veggie. Each patty is $1.35. Now. Let's just deconstruct this Spicy Beef Patty, shall we?

FLAKE ― Kinda dry. Could be softer and flakier and more flakified.
TEXTURE ― The beef filling looks/tastes kind of gelatinous. Odd.
FLAVOUR ― The beef filling satisfies, but lacks juiciness man.
SPICINESS ― Needs to be kicked up 8,000,000 notches. 'Nuff said.
VERDICT ― I give this Spicy Beef Patty a 7/10 for being unmemorable.


  1. Gelatinous filling? WTF!? Reminds me of the story someone told me about how Taco Bell basically uses powder and adds water to reconstitute their "beef".

    I think 7 out of 10 is rather bizarr considering you had so little nice things to say about it. Might as well get the grocery store frozen crap!

  2. lol but I have my own recipe for this. I like to put my own twist on things too. So since I have some premade piecrust in the fridge I think I'm just going to use that with my leftover curry chicken and have some curry chicken patties this evening.

  3. A hole-in-the-wall place with hands down the best jerk chicken in town! Started buying from here 20 years ago (when a combo of patty+coco bread+pop was only $2.50)! Take out only. Or if you want, you can sit on the one and only very rustic bench there. Don't mind their lack of decor/overdue reno, you are there for their food, good delicious food (y)