Oct 12, 2010

[Pt. I] Life is Sweet: A Cupcake House

I hate to admit we nom nom nommed 'em all down.
A [really bad] Dark Horse Cappuccino with a wimpy layer of foam. Pshh.

The one thing that struck me about the cupcakes at Life is Sweet is that certain cupcakes aren't easily distinguishable from the next. See the cupcake with purple icing? Yeah, it tasted very similar to the White Chocolate cupcake. What up with dat?! When a cupcake shop offers 11 different cupcake flavours, I'd hope each one of 'em stood out on its own, tasting uniquely different from the next. Of the six cupcakes I taste tested, my first pick would have to be Lemon Drop.

With one bite, I immediately experienced an explosion of tanginess, sweetness and sourness in my mouth. The Lemon Drop's lemon curd filling is what hits the spot. I'd rate the Coconut Cupcake 2nd to Lemon Drop, only because shredded coconut exists in the cake part of the cupcake. I'm a sucker for that. And sorry, Dark Horse Espresso Bar, but I'm baiting out your scene. You guys have never made me a crappy cappuccino before. Maybe the barista who made this one was tired. Shmeh.

[Pt. II] Life is Sweet: A Cupcake House


Let's be real. Hands down, I've had better cupcakes elsewhere. But for the sake of fairness, Cousin Lisa and I decided to give Life is Sweet a second shot by tryin' ALL their cupcake flavours. OD'in on SUGAR. Str8 up, the cupcakes I've exxed aren't worth trying. I already talked 'bout the Lemon Drop Cupcake in [Pt. I]. And so the 2 cupcakes that stood out to me were Mint Chocolate and Carrot. Why? Well, the Mint Chocolate Cupcake was just so different, but in a refreshingly positive way. Minty icing contrasts uber well with dark chocolate-y cake. And the Carrot Cupcake was the most moist of all the cupcakes we tried! Full of shredded carrot-y goodness, believe you me. Cream cheese icing wasn't too shabby.


  1. Nicely put. You're blurb reflects our cupcake experience to a T.

    Have fun in Australia. Gonna miss you cuz. Please keep us posted on all your foodie adventures.

    Love ya!


  2. Cousin Lis,

    I will miss my koolest cupcake partna! Will def keep all updated on my food-y adventures. I don't know I'd live if I stopped. That's how much I enjoy sharing my love of food with whoever cares to listen. Much love for supportin the hustle, always!!! And PS. Lis, keep chasing the dream k...!