Oct 19, 2010

Schnitzel Bistro ― Veal Schnitz + Schnitz Fries


Jacquie agreed with me ― the classic Veal Schnitzel from Schnitzel Bistro was indeed of top-notch quality. We both found the veal to be suuuuper tender. And I was pleasantly surprised that the breading around the veal wasn't overly thick 'n greasy. Nom nom nom.

Can't say these Schnitz Fries were better than Swiss Chalet fries (my absolute faaave), 'cuz on the real, I almost wanted them to be a tad crispier on the outside. S'all good. Fried and flavoured with lemon, garlic and butter and garnished with parsley, the good folks at Schnitzel Bistro recommended we try their Schnitz Fries with 3 sauces: Spicy Ketchup, Spicy Mayo & Garlic Basil Mayo. And cotdamn was that an ingenious idea! Holler @ that Garlic Basil Mayo. Right now even.

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