Dec 6, 2010



Today = my first day off in 6 days. As such, 'stead of scarfing down cereal or toast, I opted to prepare something simple yet satisfying... a typical breakfast I'd eat at home, if you will. 2 scrambled eggs ($0.60/egg in a 6-pack carton) + 1/2 tomato ($0.25) + instant brown rice ($1.50/half-pack). All about the cheap eats, baby! I sure as hellz have to be. Errything's nearly double (sometimes triple) the price of what they'd cost back home. Am I a sucker for choosing to come here? oh me oh me oh myyy.


Life has been cah-razy bizzy! Hence, my blog posts have declined in frequency... sorry folks :\ My main priority was to find a job here in Melbourne (gawd knows I can't afford to live here without a job)... and once I finally found work (I'm currently juggling a whopping FIVE jobs) I simply haven't had time for anything in the past two weeks!!! To top it all off, I do not have regular access to Internet. When I'm not working, I am..............

―running from Aldi to Woolworth's to Coles, comparing grocery prices (I kidd you not)
―cooking healthy meals at home (moms taught me well)
―plotting my next travel move (shall I head to Sydney in Jan-Feb 2011?)
―brainstorming food article ideas (i.e. How to Eat Cheap as a Backpacker in Melbourne)
―zzz-ing or napping, only to muster up energy to part-ay whenever possible (shhh, don't tell)
―ideating ways to make money while travelling (determined as hell to fulfill this dream)

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