Dec 14, 2010

[Top 3] Healthy Hostel Meals

It is now Day 40 of Shelley in Oz. Too too toooooo many times, I have seen backpackers resort to eating that gawd-aweful nutrient-lacking, dried noodle-y shyte for dinner. I understand that when one's tired and hungry after a long day's work, one may not feel like cooking... and that's why the following 3 dishes make me proud of the people who made 'em. By far, they're the healthiest hostel meals I've seen come outta our cramped kitchen at Bev & Mick's Backpackers (the koolest hostel EVER, might I add). It's hella NOT impossible to eat healthy as a backpacker on a budget. Trust.

Lisa's Andijviestammpot [Dutch Endive Potato Mash]


Waa waa waa backpackers are always complaning about how expensive vegetables are. In actuality, they ain't thaaaat expensive. All Lisa bought were a couple potatoes, the cheapest bacon and cheese she could find at Coles, a bunch of endive and voila! For under $10 she prepared a meal for 6 people! First, boil some potatoes & mash 'em. Then, chop up some endive & cook until tender in a little oil over the stove. Add some chopped bacon into the pan with the endive and let it cook. Mix the endive & bacon with the mashed potatoes. Mix it well, dammit! Chop up chunks of cheese (feta, cheddar, goat, you name it!) and scatter atop the Andijviestammpot. Bon appetito!

The Boys Make Schnitzel + Steamed Veg + Boiled Potatoes, gasP!


The trick is to hit up the Queen Victoria Market around closing time... which is easy for me 'cuz I live 5 minutes away from it, muahahaha! But seriously now, around closing time, the prices of produce, meat, seafood & so forth get slashed!!! So the boys bought cheapass schnitzel this night, apparently. All they had to do was pan-fry 'em up. Easy as p-i-e, I tells ya! I rarely everrrrr see guys at my hostel cookin' up a storm in our hole-in-the-wall-y kitchen. The mere sight of guys cooking fresh vegetables is too rare to be true! Thus, I felt absolutely COMPELLED to snap photos of this once in a lifetime sighting. Hey dried noodles enthusiasts, it's time to get on board, k???!

Shelley's Pancit [Filipino Noodles]


All I gotta say is...... THANKS MOMMY! You are my #1 inspiration always!!! Yup, I got a hankering for Mom's infamous Pancit after not being home now for... hmmm... almost 2 months-ish? And so I made din-din for the kiddies one day! The veggies weren't expensive, but the shrimps kinda were! $3.20 for a small pack of frozen ones. Wompskis. The secret ingredient in this dish? Oyster sauce, baby! Can't live without it! Perfect for any stirfry, and that's what's up! I used dried "Philippine-Style" Canton Noodles in this dish, but next time, I know to purchase Hokkien Noodles (the fat & yellow juicy ones) from any Asian grocery story (of which there is one at every corner here in downtown Melbourne). Love you Momskis ♥♥♥

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