Jan 29, 2011

Bimbo Deluxe ― $4 Pizzas!!!


$4 Pizzas | http://bimbodeluxe.com.au | Sun-Thurs 7-11PM + Weekdays 12-4PM + Sat 7-9PM

This may very well be the best food-y deal I've come across in Melbourne. $4 for a decent-sized, thin-crust, gourmet-ish pizza. Who woulda thunk it??! Unfortunately, I didn't try all of the pizzas pictured above... only a few of them... but I was lucky enough to snap shots of all of 'em before my mates gobbled them down :) Woooooo mesmerizing. Tip: If you're very hungry, order two pizzas. If you're a wimpy chick, order one pizza. Try: the Il Greco pizza. I'd recommend it, but you might require somewhat of a salty tooth. The halloumi on the Il Greco pizza is damn salty, but its firm-tofu-like texture (I heart firm tofu.) had me on Cloud 9. OMG. Since the pizza's garnished with a lemon wedge, one squeeze over the entire thing just makes the flavours pop. I'm still planning to reach Bimbos again... Gotta try the incredible-lookin' Caesar pizza, goshdarnit! LEAFY GOODNESS.

Bimbo Deluxe ― $4 Pizzas

Hampus + Hot Sauce + Michelle + André's arms


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