Feb 7, 2011

Choc Chip Cookies ― Woolworths vs. Coles

Left: Woolworths | Right: Coles

A bag of homebrand Choc Chip Cookies from either Woolworths or Coles goes for $2.09 AUD. A staple snack food for any backpacker in Oz, I decided to put the two cookies to the test. Upon initially sampling each cookie, I claimed to like the Choc Chip Cookies from Woolworths better (see vid below). However, I've changed my mind as of recently. Coles Choc Chip Cookies win, hands down. Why? They're a tad less sweet and a tad more crisp than their Woolworths counterpart. Andddd they pair much more nicely with good ol' smears of peanut butter.

Tip: Liven up a plain cereal bowl of Corn Flakes by adding 2 crushed-up Coles Choc Chip Cookies to it. PS. Cookie Monstarr 4 Life. PPS. Emily, where have you BEEN all my life??!

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