Apr 20, 2011


My sincerest apologies, ya'll. There are several reasons why I haven't posted up anything as of recently. 1. After travelling Eastern Oz & New Zealand for 2 months in total, my main priority now is to work work work! Gotta eat, true? As such, looooong day shifts at the cafe = no time to blog:( Furthermore, I have no Internet access at home (though I can't complain about the flat I live in, a 2-year-old condo 10 minutes away from Perth CBD overlooking the river complete with pool, sauna, jacuzzi & gym what whaaaaaaat). Secondly, I have a backlog of SO many kool creative-y ideas that I'm simply befuddled. Where to start?! And thirdly (insert sigh), I'm just not inspired by the food-y scene here in Perth, goshdarnit! Meantime betweentime, I'll continue to search for inspiration. Feel me?

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