May 2, 2011

Baker's Delight ― Best Hot Cross Buns in Oz?!!

[L―R] Fruitless, Choc Chip, Mocha, Traditional

Easter 2011 has passed and aren't we all fattened up from ODing on hot cross buns, hmmmm? I work at a café in this lil shopping centre here in Perth (Western Australia), ya'see, and all throughout my shifts the entire week before Easter, I'd watch the madness unfold. In the shopping centre, there's this bakery chain called Baker's Delight... and all I gotta say is... never before have I seen people go straight bananas over the Easter-y baked good! Naturally, I had to cop me a variety pack!!! The bakery offers 4 distinct flavours: Fruitless, Choc Chip, Mocha and Traditional. I've layered the images of the hot cross buns (see below) for visual interest. Creepy, you reckon?

Plain Janeskis :) I wouldn't ever, ever purchase this bun individually (priced at $1.90 AUD). Heck, I wouldn't purchase this bun ever again, period. It just wasn't anything special. And if you aren't able to toast it, expect it to remain dry/far from moist. Begs to be buttered!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yummy and moist, yup! But a tad decadent for me. Needs not be buttered. OH! If you're feelin' lavish then go 'head and slather some peanut butter on 'er. Excellent either toasted or untoasted.

MOCHA *Shelley's fave!
Holla @ this hot cross bun!!!!!!!!!! My fave of the four simply because of its uniqueness. It's 1/2 coffee-ish & 1/2 choc-chippy. I mean, have you ever tried a coffee flavoured hot cross bun studded with chocolate chips?!! I didn't think so. So go try one if you can! Oh wait, if you don't live in Australia or New Zealand then I guess you're sh.t outta luck. Sucker!
Everything you expect a hot cross bun to taste like. And I love Baker's Delight for gettin' with the program and making their version without nasty dried fruits, yuck! Raisins only, ya heard?! Enjoyable toasted or untoasted, buttered or unbuttered and if you really wanna be kool, then stick slices of badass Extra Old Tasty (cheddar) cheese in 'er. Happy hot cross bun-ing! Bye bye :)

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