Jul 8, 2011

Cheap Eats Perth CBD

clockwise from left: Chilliz's Nasi Lemak, Mela's samosas, Star Sushi's rolls, Taka's Katsu Don

Ahh, home sweet Perth, WA's underrated capital city. Hey backpackers in Oz, if you're considering going to Perth, do it! It's mos def up & coming, the weather's beautiful, the vibe is chill... just go! And when you do get there, try some of the good-quality, yummy cheap eats I've recommended below. Nothing's over $6, so even if you order 'em once in a while, you won't break the bank.

Chilliz ― $4 Nasi Lemak

Just look at how perfectly boiled that egg is! Every Perthite knows that Chilliz serves up one of the cheapest take-away lunches in town (the most expensive dish can't be more than $6). I've tried a couple of their menu items, but this Nasi Lemak remains my fave. Why? Variety. Curry chicken + fish fillet + egg + sambal onion served with rice. It's not fussy, it's tasty and by Australian standards, it's a cheapass meal! Squirt some hot sauce on top of that baby and life'll be grand.

Mela ― $3 lamb samosa

If you're in Northbridge and you need a quick food fix to stave off hunger, Mela's lamb samosa will do your body good! Back home, one could buy decent samosas priced at 3 or 4/$1. But in the land of Oz, $3/samosa isn't too shabby. Warning: the ground lamb in this samosa packs a little bit of heat. Even more surprising was the samosa's outer crust! Though deep-fried, this samosa didn't feel too terribly greasy, and the crust wasn't too thick. Note: Mela isn't located in the CBD, but it is 10 minutes walking distance from the CBD.

Star Sushi ― $2 sushi rolls

Hard to resist because it's conveniently located on William St, whether you like it or not, you'll pass by Star Sushi multiple times a day if you live/work in Perth CBD. Shhh. Can you hear that hunky chunk of avocado ensconced within that roll calling your name? Tip: Star Sushi's rolls are discounted at $2 a pop only after 5pm. Foolishly arrive at 6pm and all the spicy salmon rolls will be gonzo. PS. The ladies who work at Star Sushi are so cute and super-nice :)

Taka ― $5.30 Katsu Don (size small)

Taka is alwayyys busy, no matter what time of day. Tourists and locals alike know that it's Perth's go-to place for cheap yet filling bowls of love. My fave bowl is Taka's Katsu Don (panko-crumbed chicken strips served with egg omlette over a bed of rice). It's all about the texture, man! If you're a texture fiend like me, you'll likely enjoy the Katsu Don too, where crispy chicken strips meld harmoniously with silky egg omlette. C'est magnifique!

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