Jul 9, 2011

Took Be Gi Korean Food ― Perth, WA

Took Be Gi's neon sign is sheer awesomeness. I hope you've all taken the time to appreciate how kool it is. 

If I'm ever in Perth again, Took Be Gi will definitely be on my list of 2DOs. They have this hole-in-the-wall feel about them. You walk in, and since the size of the place could be the size of one's living room, you instantly feel at home. More than 50% of the customers in this place looked Korean, so I'd like to think the food at this place is the closest you'd get to authentic Korean food in WA.

left: Soondubuchigae (Spicy/Soft Tofu Soup) right: Bibimbap

Now let's talk big business: food. Okokokok it was a mistake to order the regular Bibimbap instead of the Dolsot Bibimbap. Dolsot Bibimbap is just so much betttter with the hot stone bowl and the crispy layer of rice that forms along the bottom of the hot stone bowl and of course, the raw egg placed on top. For me, Took Be Gi's regular Bibimbap wasn't anythin' special. Took Be Gi's Tofu Soup, however, totally blew me away! So worth $11! It was spicy as hell and arrived at our table piping hot, they weren't stingy on the chunks of soft tofu floating inside of it, and I might even recall finding some seafood in there? TIP: Their sweet soya beans side dish is BOMB! Ask nicely and you might even get seconds.

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