Jul 14, 2011


Dear Darwin,

Thanks for being so good to me. I mean, we only spent one week together, but still. I couchsurfed for the first time with you... and boy, was that an awesome experience! Who knew that couchsurfing could be such an interesting cultural exchange? It's a concept many people don't quite understand. I like to say "try everything at least once!" You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After couchsurfing for two days with you, Darwin, the day immediately after that, we found a flat together! Hoorah for Gumtree! Thank god I didn't have to end up paying $30/night staying at any of the unfriendly backpackers on Mitchell St, sheeit. So back to deets about this flat... the place was centrally-located (10 mins walking distance from the CBD), and I shared it with four other truly genuine people. My stay at 1/140 Smith Street was short and sweet, but I'm glad to have met this multicultural bunch. India, Taiwan & Canada in the house!

I went on an intense job hunt with you, Darwin! Wow, was that ever frustrating! There are wayyyy too many backpackers looking to work with you during the Dry Season, it's absolutely bananas. I'm lucky to have found such a sweet gig! Guess perserverance always pays off :) Backpacker Job Tip: NT News Classified on Saturdays + Backpacker Job Centre Shop 20/69 Mitchell Street.

How can I forget our food-y moments together? I loved Parap Market because there were more locals (it seemed) than tourists, and the food at each food stall looked soooo gooood. I would have definitely tried some of the food if it wasn't 9am in the morning! Mindil Sunset Beach Market, on the other hand, is saturated with tourists, though the veg curry puff and the fresh Vietnamese BBQ Pork Roll I had there were decently satisfying.

Don't forget me, dear Darwin. I'll only be gone for a minute. I'm not done with you yet, dammit! I still gotta go for a jog with you along the water's edge in Bicentennial Park. We gotta go swimming at the mini-beach at Port Darwin again. And if nothing else, we must (MUST) share 5 pieces of baked coconut ($2) at that little food stall in Parap Market again! Don't forget!!!

I just learned that you're Australia's only tropical city. How kool is that??! No wonder I've fallen for you. You're so different from Perth and from Melbs and from Sydney. In actuality, though you're deemed a city, I feel like you're more of a big town. You have a chill, small-town vibe about chu. And I like that. You're not too slow, not too fast... you're just my type! So we must meet again. Perhaps during your crazy mango season? Who knows. In the meantime, keep doin' you! So long and stay fly!


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