Jul 26, 2011


BRB. No regular internet access for what feels like years now. Disconnected from civilization, shmeh. Working at a busy bakery in Kakadu National Park and enjoying what I do at the very least! Yep, I'm officially a dough-roller/cream-puff filler. No food-y inspirations for the time being, my apologies. Travel ideas after workin' like a b.tch & saving up some madd cash: Hit up the East Coast, WWOOF somewhere, road-trip down from Cairns to Sydney, scuba-dive the Great Barrier Reef, etc etc. Sigh. Such is the life of backpacking the great land of Oz... gots to work hard to play hard. But fear not! I won't give up concocting ideas (at the back of my brain) as to how I may create a career out of my passion for both Food & Travel.

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