Aug 19, 2011

Homemade Coconut Milk Ice Pops


The best homemade coconut milk ice pops can be found at Rapid Creek Market only 15 minutes away from Darwin in The Territory. I was in town just last Sunday, and as I strolled the aisles of the market, picking and prodding at different types of Asian veg, a little sign caught my eye. In scraggly writing, the sign announced, "coconut milk ice pops, only oneeee dolla." I nearly squealed in excitement. Nothing's as cheap as $1 in Oz, nothin! Calmly, I asked Mr. Man in a Striped Shirt if I could please try one. He smiled, lifted the lid of this huge cooler thingy, slid a translucently white-ish ice pop out of its socket and handed it to a very happy Shelley.

Boy, was this ice pop ever refreshing! Not too creamy and not too sweet, I was actually pleasantly surprised. In fact, the ice pop was like a frozen state of 50% coconut water and 50% coconut milk. Yum, trust! I loved how it was al dente-ish, too. I mean I know this term's used to describe pasta but don't you love when ice pops are sorta firm to the bite? It's hard to explain. But anyhoo... directly across the little booth that sells these fantabo cocomilk ice pops, there's this "SARI-SARI" store where one can buy Sky Flakes and hopia and Mama Sita ulam powders! Hoorah for feeling closer to home when encountering Filipino-ness in Oz!


  1. wow dats looks bloody good...wish we had dis asianculture down on this part of the planet...

  2. @Pete, where on this planet are you from?