Aug 22, 2011

Istanbul Cafe Darwin ― Spinach/Feta Pide

I'd been watching this pide from time... and I finally decided to try it while in Darwin last last weekend. The folks at Istanbul Cafe heated it up for me real nice (check the lovely black scorch marks), but overall, I can't say I felt it was worth $8.50 AUD. There could have been way more spinach and feta inside, and the texture of the pide was unpleasantly chewy. Shmeh. A disappointment, to say the least.


  1. One of my favorite food. Yummy yummy.
    You shoul eat this in Turkey.

  2. @Kemal Kaya: I do plan on travelling to Turkey one of these days. How could I not, I love Turkish cuisine! I'm sure I'll find a better pide in Turkey too. Next up: lamb pide!!!