Sep 2, 2011

2011 Darwin Festival - The Lighthouse Commission

Artwork by Tangentyere Artists in Alice Springs

"Tangentyere artists are known for their figurative depictions of Town Camp life in Alice Springs. In these murals, the artists depict the many different camps (both town and bush) that each artist calls their own. Town camps, the surrounding MacDonnell Ranges and beyond are inspiration, comfort and joy for Tangentyere artists." ―Darwin Festival 2011

When I strolled by these murals last weekend, I thought to myself two things: 1. "Kool! These artists are from Alice Springs, and I've been to Alice Springs! 2. "I miss being creative, sheeeeitttttt! Working and travelling just aren't conducive to staying creative. But that ain't an excuse, sheesh. I've been thinking... I love art/design 'n all... I always will... but maybe, just maybe, I'm more passionate about Travel? Shall I hit the books and study Journalism once and for all?


  1. Follow your heart my darlin....

  2. @Mommy #2: Thanks for the inspiring words. I'm tryin' I'm tryin'!