Sep 4, 2011

WTF is in an Aussie Burger?!

left: Saveur's Aussie Burger | right: Shelley's Aussie Burger

The first time I prepared Aussie burgers, I was making dinner for my couchsurf hosts back in Darwin. The burgers were tres, tres easy to prepare, and since they turned out to be such a hit, I've been itching to make them again. Buy some meat patties, grill em up, and slap em into burger buns with any variation of the following ingredients below. Feel free to add or subtract ingredients (I opted for bacon-less Aussie burgers), or jazz em up (edam, provolone or extra vintage cheddar cheese, anyone?), or perhaps try em with veggie "meat" patties? Just go crazy wit it! I never thought I'd like beetroot and pineapple rings in a burger until I made these babies for myself. Now I'm officially hooked!

onion (grilled/sautéed)
beetroot (canned slices)
fried egg
pineapple ring
tomato sauce (aka ketchup)

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  1. It's still moving...shit looks awesome.respect!possible to meet ya?