Sep 10, 2011

Deuces, Jabby Jabs!

From mid-July 2011―present, I've lived in a small town (population 1,300). This ain't just any small town, it's small town Australia. And it's been epic simply because I've never lived in a small town before! Hoorah for new experiences. Here in Jabiru, there's a crappy supermarket (selection is sh.t and most items are overpriced), a bakery (my place of employment for 2 months, but more deets on that later), a post office, a lovely little library, a swimming pool, one pub anddd... that about it!

Despite Jabiru's shortcomings, I've grown quite fond of the town, and I will miss it when I leave for good just two days from now. It's small, it's quaint, it's safe (no one feels compelled to lock their doors kinda thing), it has a chill tropical vibe to it, it's a 15 min walk/5 min bike ride to get anywhere in town... Jabiru's just madd livable! But, as always, after settling down for a minute, I've come to feel "the itch." Why, to travel, of course! Good riddance to 60-hour work weeks! It's back to backpackin' for Shelley!


  1. Safe travelZ BelZ. happy feet keep on goin....

  2. @auntie San: Thank you! Haha HAPPY FEET is right! These boots are made for walkin'...

  3. where are you now, sis?