Oct 31, 2011

Nimbin, Australia ― A Tacktacular Town

2 Oct 2011 | I only spent 2 hours in Nimbin, too little time to develop an educated opinion on the tacktacular town. The shops on the main strip can be perused in about half an hour, selling everything from slouchy hippie pants to hookahs to neon bumper stickers. A white-haired lady will try to lure you into buying some of her magic cookies, and other randoms on the street will openly ask you whether you'd like to purchase marijuana. I left the town that day wishing I'd had the opportunity to speak with a true local. I feel I'd understand Nimbin's weird/kitsch-y vibe a bit more if I'd learned of its history and how it came to be. Btw, though the typography is awful, I gotta admit, I'm a fulltime dreamer too. Et tu?

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