Nov 1, 2011

A Typical German Rumkugel

Many different countries make their own version of Rumkugeln (Rum Balls). For some reason, even back home in Canada, the dauntingly dark balls never quite called out to me as much as the pastries did. Oh, how I miss Maple Walnut Croissants! But anyhoo... I always had the impression Rum Balls looked super sweet and much, much too rich. Was I surprised when this Rumkugel tasted exactly like I expected? Purchased from josef, a local bakery/café in Münster, two bites of this ball was all I could handle. Sorry, I was never a huge fan of liquor-flavoured-anything. While gobbling down the rest of my Rumkugel, Mr. Significant Other informs me that Rumkugeln here in Germany are usually made from the leftover material of the respective bakery's baked goods.

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